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you'll enjoy browsing this website (and you might even like joining our free group) if you're interested in:

  • motherhood
  • mindfulness
  • self-development
  • minimalism
  • spirituality
  • transformation

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mindful momming 101

sometimes being a mom makes me crazy. seriously.

i just cannot handle the thought of keeping another human alive.
also, i cannot handle the smart mouth and stubbornness of my 4.5-year-old.
and temper tantrums with zero merit.
and the weight of judgement from other people.

can you relate?

yes? then mindful momming 101 is for you.
mindful momming 101 is a two-week course teaching mindfulness and self-love to
hot-mess moms. the best part: when you help yourself, you're helping others.

a portion of the proceeds from mindful momming 101 enrollment is given to the haven.


mindfulness is...

{defined by jon kabat-zinn}

paying attention
on purpose
in the moment
to what's happening
as it's happening
without judgement.



join the free group


hey, mama friend. if you've made it this far and you're still reading,
you're formally invited to join our free facebook group, mindful momming.

here, you'll lock arms with me and the other mothers of the world who are
on an intentional mission to expand and develop into the very best
version of themselves - for the sake of their family and their own soul.

einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing
over and over again expecting different results."


do you ever find yourself feeling stuck?

unhappy? drained? bored? frustrated? anxious? hopeless? depressed?

i felt that way often. sometimes i still do. that's why i created mindful momming.
it's a free facebook community for moms who are ready to move forward each and every
single day toward complete wellness and happiness, joy and love, confidence and peace.

sound like you?


my name is whitney lang

i'm a recovering hot-mess mom on a mission.

most of my adult years were spent making terrible decisions, trashing my body, neglecting a nagging desire to grow and expand, and fighting anxiety and depression. after a lot of guilt, frustration, and anger, i decided to give up on a plan and just go with the flow.

now, here i am. i lock arms with women and mamas all over the world and, together, we move forward.

we bust through our self-limiting beliefs; we invite in new opportunities; we nourish our souls; we transform our entire lives for the better.

all it takes is one decision. all you have to do is say yes to yourself. you, too, can rise above the stagnancy of everyday life and find true happiness, peace, and excitement every single day.

ready? join mindful momming: the group today.

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be kinder to yourself. and then let your kindness flood the world.

surround yourself with goodness

it is entirely too easy to get caught up in the crap. you know...
the negativity. the manipulation. the gossip. the self-loathing.

it happens to us ALL and it's really, really hard to escape.

that's why it's vital to surround yourself with goodness.

good people. good intentions. good energy. good information.

we become what we think about, focus on, and soak up everyday.
that's why i created mindful momming - because it's not always easy to find those sources of goodness.


are you a frazzled mama?

learn ways to practice mindfulness with the whole family!